Ren Energy

Ren Energy helps global manufacturers power their supply chains with renewable energy, managing the entire process from discovery to actual deployment. It’s complex, and the next frontier in corporate carbon reduction commitments.

But a lot of education is needed to raise awareness around an area that’s so far been ignored, and persuade stakeholders of the benefits. Medicine Show was brought in to help position Ren Energy, develop a plan of action, and create the resources needed to tell this important story.

First we built on the research already conducted to audit several areas of the business, which informed the final strategy and positioning. Next, we updated copy on the website to align with the new messaging, and updated some design elements based on our brand audit.

We then mapped out a content strategy and began producing educational and thought leadership pieces to establish credibility. And made recommendations to improve the team’s pitch decks and clarify their message.

Ren Energy now ranks #1 on Google’s organic rankings, which previously ranked general renewable energy information and competitors higher.

“Our website now ranks among the top in the industry thanks to the content it contains..”

— Eric Jen, Principal