Nike, Sustainable Business & Innovation

Nike’s Director of Renewable Energy needed a presentation to communicate the benefits of adopting renewable energy for its overseas factories. And he needed it fast.

With less than a week to turn it around, we accepted the challenge.

Nike has clear brand guidelines that would have to guide our designs. Yet we’d also have to communicate a lot of complex information clearly and succinctly.

Not to mention tell a compelling story — greening overseas factories is a complicated process involving myriad stakeholders. And while this idea is gaining traction, Nike was on the cutting edge of this unexplored area that traditional corporate renewable commitments didn’t touch.

Besides making the deck easy to digest and visually appealing, we trimmed back data points and information to only the most relevant to skeptical factory owners.

The Director was pleased with the results, and credited it at least in part with helping communicate benefits that moved Nike closer to its goals for switching to renewable energy abroad.