The moovel Group operates at the leading-edge of urban mobility. By developing sustainable, technological solutions, it aims to simplify the way we get around cities, and ultimately improve our quality of life.

Alongside that, moovel Group explores today’s mobility challenges, ponders tomorrow’s possibilities, and shares insights at In the past, the articles had been commissioned from academics or occasionally written by staff.

But the company wanted to throttle up production of both timely and evergreen content. And in the process reach a wider audience of industry experts, influencers, early adopters, and transit officials.

The client’s digital agency, Oregonian Media Group, drafted Medicine Show to manage content development. The goal — write two dozen articles on topics ranging from transportation equity to mobile ticketing, and blockchain applications to AV legislation.

Articles had to present the latest data, disruptions, political debates and technical details thoroughly and accurately. Original interviews provided expert perspectives.

At the same time, complex concepts had to be simplified to appeal to a broader audience. That meant ensuring every idea was clear, and the tone accessible, without losing moovel Group’s authoritative voice.