KEEFER Strategy

KEEFER provides preventive legal services to product manufacturers — advising on insurance needs, proactive risk management strategies, and day-to-day guidance.

But they’re not your typical legal firm. This husband and wife team puts clients’ business interests first, with a nimble, nontraditional service model. Having worked on both sides of the fence, they’re down-to-earth, seasoned professionals who see all the angles.

KEEFER needed updated collateral that aligned with this new brand direction, beginning with a multi-purpose bi-fold. So they asked Medicine Show if we could help. (Spoiler: We could.)

After steeping ourselves in their business and new direction, we got to work. Medicine Show developed copy and the general direction, working with design partners at Isolary to capture the brand’s essence.

The content communicated KEEFER’s unique strengths in clear, concise, human language. No jargon anywhere in sight. And we put their values-based model out front in a way it hadn’t been before.

The design riffed on their logo’s visual elements, creating a language that echoes the same strong yet friendly vibe throughout. Add lifestyle images carefully chosen to resonate. Plus sturdy stock and thoughtful finishes.


— Chris Keefer, Partner