Grovemade Campaign

Grovemade’s motto is ‘Find What Matters.’ That’s reflected in their product design, the care that goes into their work, and their desire to share that experience with customers.

Social media and PR had been big in winning over design enthusiasts — until they weren’t. Engagement plateaued, and Grovemade needed a way to get hardcore fans excited again while reaching more creative pros in the wild.

We developed a campaign called ‘Reset The Desk,’ where followers shared their raddest and saddest workspaces for a chance to win $300 in Grovemade desk gear.

At the same time, owner Ken Tomita built a custom desk from scratch to spruce up his own home office. And documented the whole thing on film.

The campaign combined Instagram, Facebook, blog posts and email marketing. Hand-picked influencers helped spread the word to hundreds of thousands of new eyes.

Because we needed to make a fresh impression, we took Grovemade’s existing brand in new directions. That called for an original campaign bug, promo copy and assets, video production and motion graphics.

By day two, the campaign was on track to be Grovemade’s most successful yet. By the time winners were announced, it handily beat goals for contest submissions and new followers.

And somewhere in the world, two desks got a little bit sexier.