Fidelity National Home Warranty

Fidelity National Home Warranty approached Medicine Show to redesign their website and warranty application. Neither the site nor the app had been updated in several years, resulting in a poor experience for all user types (seven distinct user profiles).

And it was no small ask. Besides bringing the brand image up to date, we would have to navigate an extremely complex database and construct an API to interact within difficult technological limitations.

Naturally, we said yes.

We recruited the crack team at Isolary to lead design and development. Medicine Show collaborated with their principal, Mickey Deagle, on creative direction and UI design. We also developed a fresh content strategy and project-managed the build. Unit testing, QA and User Acceptance Testing were team efforts.

As you’d expect with a project of this size, we ran into plenty of hurdles. Many identified during the initial scoping phase — many more discovered only after gaining access to the entire database. Some feature requests weren’t supported without database additions; others became obvious necessities as we perfected user workflows.

In the end, we delivered a slick experience that finally matched FNHW’s reputation and marketshare. The app allowed homeowners to purchase warranty coverage and manage service requests. Sales executives, real estate agents, transaction coordinators and property managers, too. And a seamless system for contractors to accept orders, respond to inquiries, manage projects, invoice, and even update legal documentation.

All that, and it looked great, too. See it live at