Crowd Supply

Crowd Supply was about to launch its first annual event — Teardown 2018. And they wanted a promotional item that would resonate with their community of open-source hardware engineers.

Beyond that, they thought this could be updated quarterly and shipped out with its products. So Crowd Supply engaged Medicine Show to help develop the idea.

The owner, Joshua Lifton, envisioned something like a mash-up of hacker zines and electronics manuals. Filled with interesting content, but still a functional notebook for ideas and sketches. It would also include sponsor ads and sponsored content, as well as puzzles leading to special promotions.

Michael Foreman and Art Director Luke Yablonsky led the MS team. After steeping ourselves in the culture and discussing content, we developed a design language for the book — ‘The Codex of Codecs.’ We decided the language should also be extendable to future marketing or the event itself.

Photos, illustrations and rough diagrams mixed to mimic ‘back-of-the-napkin’ ideation, while calling back to zines. Subtle line work, geometries, icons and symbols created a consistent, clean through-line. Then we included a range of page layouts for articles, puzzles, sponsor ads and more.

The result was a sort of mini-grimoire for the open-source set.