What's it all about?

The answer to that question is the beating heart of any effective strategy. So that’s where we start.

If you’ve already done some of the groundwork, that’s great. We’ll meet you where you are.

Analysis + Insights

We’ll review data you may already have on hand, including market research, client feedback, reviews and/or interviews. Then distill that information while identifying fresh insights.

The Brand Workshop

We bring together stakeholders and decision-makers who will determine the ultimate direction of the brand. Through a series of exercises, we uncover of your brand’s purpose, values, audiences, personality, voice and competitive landscape.

The Customer Journey Workshop

Armed with our initial insights from analysis and the brand workshop, we’ll form a picture of your customers’ experience. Together we plot the touchpoints where they interact with you along the customer journey — what they’re thinking, feeling and looking to accomplish at each step.

Core Brand Story + Identity

We pull together everything we’ve learned to develop a core message that’s true to your business and matters to your customers. This becomes the beating heart of your future brand and marketing communications. All wrapped up neatly in a Brand Story Guide. This can incorporate brand identity development, if needed.

Content Strategy

We can develop a content strategy to adapt your core brand story to key marketing channels identified in the customer journey. And include guidelines and resources to help your internal team, contractors or other vendors implement.

Creative Strategy

We’ll also develop creative concepts to meet specific campaign goals. We craft a message that’s thoughtful, relevant and creative. And turn it into a plan to move units, inspire, or build relationships.