Art Design Exchange (ADX)

ADX — a.k.a, Art Design Exchange — is PDX’s pioneering makerspace. Besides providing accessible space to work on DIY projects, it offers classes, team-building programs, and nurtures small manufacturing businesses.

But after 7 years, ADX learned it had a perception problem. Once, it was embraced as an innovative leader in the maker movement. Now the shop was seen as intimidating or exclusive. The best prospects hadn’t heard about its supportive community and didn’t understand its true value.

Add multiple competitors who’d moved in since, and ADX knew it was time to get back to its roots.

Medicine Show was hired to develop a comprehensive strategy and revitalize the brand.

We began by analyzing past intake interviews, marketing data, and surveys that hadn’t yet been utilized. We also conducted original qualitative and competitive research with prospects and members. To round it out, we walked the shop floor, interviewed staff, and held brand discovery workshops.

After wading in the deep end, a clear picture emerged. We saw ways we could improve brand perception and customer loyalty, while increasing perceived value and engagement.

We built a ground-up strategy that addressed the core challenges. From operations to restructured services, brand story to marketing, we realigned every touchpoint along the customer journey.

We also worked with Scott Baker at Ideate & Create, to develop a brand awareness and promotional campaign.

ADX got a new Brand Story Guide, tying it all together. The 20-page booklet sets the stage for future marketing and advertising, plus orients new employees, interns, contractors and partners.

Over the next two quarters, we sold out several classes, increased membership numbers, and raised the average value per customer.